Exercise Experience


Founded by Noah Miller and me, Exercise Experience aims to develop innovative VR exercise equipment without breaking the bank.

Our Product

We have developed a rig that attaches to a stationary bike, or bike on a trainer, and sends the speed you are riding to the phone. Our app then interprets the data and plays back a pre-recorded 360 video of bike riding at a variable speed into a Google Cardboard (or Google Plastic), giving you the appearance of riding through the video. The 360 video will come from a crowdsourced video library which we are actively building a network for. Our product is cheap to manufacture and will cost around $30.

Our product is currently in the prototyping and beta phase and we hope to quickly move into production.


We exhibited and demoed our bike at the Virginia Tech Science Festival and received great feedback. Both kids and adults alike were amazed by the effect such a simple design can have on the experience of riding a stationary bike.
We were finalists in the ACC Inventure Prize Competition @VT, a shark tank style, business pitch competition.